Perfect Climate For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmadule, the world leader in modular manufacturing facilities for the pharmaceutical industry, has in recent years been working with Munters to supply humidity controlled facilities for Eli Lilly Indianapolis, Baxter Bloomington USA and Eli Lilly Kinsale Ireland.

As part of their expansion plans to meet increasing demand, Eli Lily and Baxter expanded their manufacturing facilities by utilizing Pharmadule’s modular concept incorporating humidity control systems from Munters’ MDU, ICA and MX range.

Food Processing: Dehumidifiers Solve Moisture Problems After Daily Washdowns

At the Ore-Ida facility there was a growing interest in shortening lost production time, while maintaining strict, self-imposed sanitation standards. The company operation people wanted to protect their popular brand, but at the same time they wanted to shorten the drying time required to get back into production.

Ore-Ida’s managers set out to find a process that would reduce fog and condensation, while increasing operating efficiency. It was through this search that they first considered dehumidification.

Polygon’s nationwide organization can provide emergency humidity and moisture control services whenever you need it. Our engineering expertise and our complete equipment line means you will get the right equipment configured to solve your problems in just hours after you call.

World-Class Battery Research Lab’s Design Conditions Exceed Expectations

Developing a dry room for an advanced lithium-ion battery production lab is a precise task requiring ultra-low dew point levels. The task becomes monumental when that lab project also required renovating an existing space, isolating it from the rest of an occupied building and placing needed mechanical equipment two floors above. Working together, the teams from Scientific Climate Systems (SCS), Munters and Innovative Air Systems provided the expertise needed to design and develop a world-class lab and ensure consistent and accurate conditions were met. The setting for this complex assignment is the University of Michigan Energy Institute’s Battery Lab in Ann Arbor, Mich. The facility offers university researchers, materials scientists and engineers, as well as suppliers and manufacturers, state-of-the-art equipment to develop less expensive and longer lasting energy-storage devices for grid storage, transportation and consumer products. “Our primary focus in the dry room is electrolyte filling and final cell assembly for lithium-ion batteries,” said Greg Less, Ph.D., senior laboratory manager with the University of Michigan Energy Institute. “Having a moisture-free environment is essential for longevity and safety in lithium-ion batteries.” Houston-based SCS, specializes in designing and installing precise low humidity environmental conditions for dry rooms, with more than 200 installations worldwide, was selected to design and build the dry room. The work encompassed a complete integration, mechanical systems, controls for monitoring and dapting to ambient conditions and all the equipment needed to achieve design requirements.

Solving Humidity In Indoor Ice Rinks

Humidity causes fog, condensation, mildew, odours and rust. Munters desiccant dehumidification systems remove moisture from the air and eliminate these problems.

Conventional systems, even those that include refrigeration dehumidifiers, do little to reduce humidity inside an ice arena. Under optimum conditions, these systems can maintain a relative humidity of 75% at 12.8°C. This means that water will condense on the ice and re-freeze. This inefficiency strains your equipment and drives up energy costs. The ice becomes slushy, skaters get wet when they fall, vision-obscuring fog forms, and moisture condenses on surfaces causing decay in the building structure. Excess moisture condensing on the roof causes dripping on to spectators and damage to the ice.

Munters IceDry Revolution In Coldstores

General practice in the food industry and particularly in the distribution of frozen products is to increase stock rotation without increasing investment. Today, increasing productivity is an obligation.

In order to increase productivity, it is necessary to increase the number of times the door is opened. But then the problems with ice become all the more significant, immediately slowing the traffic! In effect, the presence of the ice creates slippery floors, doors which do not shut, evaporators blocked by ice – occurrences that limit productivity and significantly increase maintenance costs. Forklift trucks therefore represent a constant danger for the operators and often involve extra costs due to damage or even destruction of some equipment through sliding. The only effective solution is to tackle the problem at its source – it is necessary to eliminate the humidity in the air which causes the ice, which is exactly what the Munters IceDry® system does.

Prevent Condensation During Moulding and Increase Productivity

The dryers of granules are using Munters sorption dehumidifiers in the plastic moulding process. If we introduce dehumidified air inside the moulding machine we avoid condensation.

The control of all the phases of the injection plastic moulding process is essential and the wet air in the factories atmosphere is a constant enemy. Munters dry air systems prevent condensation and allow for maximum efficiency in the moulding process.

Nutraceutical Manufacturing and Storage

Desiccant dehumidification is used to provide humidity control that allows for consistent production in all nutraceutical applications.

New guidelines for nutraceutical manufacturing call for complete product consistency and the highest quality. At the same time, the demands of the marketplace require efficient, low cost production. The keys to meeting both requirements are predictability and stability of the process variables. Of all the important process parameters, environmental humidity can vary the most. Munters desiccant humidity control technology helps keeps these variables in check.

Kraft Chocolate Storage With New Energy-Efficient MCD

With almost 2,000 employees, Kraft Foods Nordic is the leading Nordic supplier of chocolate, snacks, food and coffee with brands like Freia, Marabou, Daim, Japp, Twist, Kraft and Philadelphia.

In 1984, a Munters MA25000 desiccant dehumidifier was installed at Kraft’s 50,000m3 automated chill store to prevent condensation issues, to avoid hygienic issues like mould and chocolate bloom, to protect packaging against softening and to keep the product quality high during the whole storage period.

Wind Turbine Dehumidification

Continuous operation without condensation and corrosion.

Munters have assisted consultants, engineers and managers involved in the planning, operation and design of wind turbines to understand the application of desiccant dry air within the wind turbine.

One problem is the special climate required and understanding the influence of high humidity in the tower and machinery. Natural ventilation systems provide insufficient protection against condensation and the subsequent corrosive effects of high humidity. In offshore wind turbines, the problem is exacerbated due to the necessary closed nature of the turbine subjected to year round aggressive offshore conditions resulting in condensation effects.

The culprit is high humidity especially at sea, effecting the tower and the nacelle machinery area eg on doors, walls etc. during periods of stand still or breakdown. During daily cooling of the outside air or weather changes, moist air surrounding cold surfaces reaches the dew point and condensation forms which can then drip onto plant parts. Corrosion and humidity induced moisture puddles on the equipment can result in electrical and electronic short circuits in the switching equipment. Munters desiccant dehumidification systems supply dry air to the tower and machinery areas resulting in dry trouble-free operation, and increased longevity of machinery, walls and tower structures. Maintenance work on machinery and costs for repair are greatly reduced, enabling operators to recoup the investment in the desiccant system very quickly.

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